Are you feeling good about the way your business looks? Chances are, if you’re not feeling the visual vibes, something isn’t working for you and you’re ready for a refresh. But we don’t always need to run off into the woods and reemerge with a totally new identity! For those of us with a regular client base, a whole new brand identity could be totally confusing. But a little refresh will help elevate your brand and push those who are hovering over the “buy” button in the right direction. Here are 4 small but impactful ways to refresh your branding.

1. Refine your logo. Sometimes, a totally new logo is a disservice to your brand. Your customers might get confused! Obviously if you don’t have a logo, or if yours is a total sh*tshow, get it together and get a new/real logo. But for those of us who are in the “meh” column, refining and simplifying your logo will absolutely help elevate your brand. Additionally, try not to use your logo’s typography anywhere else, or at least in minimal instances. This will help to make your logo more recognizable and stand out among text in your branding material and on your website.

2. Update your colors. Use color to increases brand recognition. If you were lucky, your designer set you up with an awesome brand color palette that’s flexible, and keeps working without looking dated. But over time, trends and styles change. Take a look at the ongoing trends and new ideas that are out there for some inspiration. Maybe you keep your brand colors but work more into the “flat” style, or even try your hand at the techy gradients.

3. Update your brand imagery. As you’ve grown your business you’ve probably started to realize it’s time to step it up and invest in some quality brand imagery. It’s easier to feel good about your marketing and posting on social media when it’s not a scramble to find something good enough to post. Start researching, getting quotes, and building your budget for custom artwork, custom photography or high-quality custom mockups/renderings. And be picky.

4. Do a social media audit. If you’re a seasoned solopreneur, you’ve probably experimented with various platforms. And when a potential customer searches for your company and finds scattered, outdated information, it’s not hot! Take control of your web presence! I’m not suggesting making a bunch of changes or hustling out a bunch of content for every platform. Schedule some uninterrupted time to Google your company, and start accessing those stray accounts. Make these accounts private rather than deleting (you don’t want to lose your username to someone who can do something coocoo with it). You’re doing your business a HUGE favor by condensing your web presence into social media platforms that actually have activity.

Elevating your brand’s aesthetic doesn’t have to be an entire overhaul. In fact, that runs the risk of creating confusion in your current customer base. With a few tweaks, you can elevate your brand to an image that you’re so proud to push forward.  You owe it to your customers and yourself to feel good about your business!

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