The Branding Suite

Elevate Your Hustle

This design package has been tailored for a one-concept branding suite with fast turnaround. Specializing in hand-lettering.


Custom Logo

Specializing in hand-lettering and illustration.

Brand Icon

Simpler / monogram version of your logo for small spaces.

Color & Texture Palette

Color palette with web codes, optional texture.

Font Palette

Hand-selected typography for creating brand collateral.

PDF Style Guide

Full-color PDF style-guide to aide in future use of your branding materials.

Business Card

Custom business card design prepped for printer of your choice. Die-line, foil-prepping & fancy finish included.

Digital Files Only – Printing Not Included

Check out a real Branding Suite Style Guide

Every Branding Suite includes a PDF style guide to aide in best use of your new branding materials.
Margins, typography and color codes, as well as suggested web layout.

Client Brand: Learning with Intention

Service: Branding Suite, Website Design

Year: 2017