The Branding Suite

You have a clear goal for your business, but don’t know where to take it visually. Elevate your empire with a unique & compelling brand identity.

What’s Included

Custom Logo
Specializing in hand-lettering and illustration.

Brand Icon
Simpler / monogram version of your logo for small spaces.

Color & Texture Palette
Color palette with web codes, optional texture.

Typography Palette
Hand-selected typography for creating brand collateral.

PDF Style Guide
To assist in future use of your branding materials.

Business Card*
Prepped for printer of your choice.

The Process

Book your Consultation

Start your project with a free 30-minute consultation! We’ll get aquainted and talk about what your bigger-picture goals are for a rebrand or new website.

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Discovery & Strategy

After you’re all booked and paid up we’ll start talking strategy.

You’ll complete a short but thoughtful questionnaire to start organizing our thoughts on the project. You’ll be asked to share more information about your business mission and the kind of experience you want to provide your customers.

Design & Revise

We’ll link up pinterest boards and compare images, and create a refined moodboard that represents the tone and direction of the project.

From there, your brand is developed from head to toe. Three (3) revisions are included with the Branding Suite, and then billing kicks in for additional out-of-scope requests.

Launch & celebrate!

Your branding material is neatly packaged in their appropriate formats and available for you to download.

File types included:

  • Vector (PDF)
  • PNG

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