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How to add a new page in WordPress (Gutenberg editor)

The following is a tutorial on how to create a basic text page in your WordPress site.

  1. Log into the admin area of your site.

  2. Once logged in, there are two options where you can create a new page:
    • In the top bar click “+ New” > “Page”
    • In your admin dashboard, “Pages” > “Add new”

  3. You will be taken to a new page draft.
    You can save your draft at any point in editing by clicking “Save draft” in the top right.

  4. Add your page title and your content.

  5. Edit your permalink.
    Your permalink is everything after .com/, so

    • Open your page settings tool bar (click icon in top right of page)

    • Click “Page” > Click “Summary” > Click the blue URL > Type in your new permalink.

      This should be one with no spaces, or separated-by-dashes-like-this

  6. Publish your page!

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