You’ve probably spent a ton of time and energy building your social media following. But what about your email list? An email list is a specific list of names and email addresses of people who gave you permission to send content to their email inbox. You can build your email list with marketing platforms like MailChimp and GetResponse to collect emails and deliver beautiful on-brand content with ease. Here are 3 reasons why you need to start building your email list… right now!

  1. It’s proven to be one of the highest converting marketing methods. When you sing up on a mailing list, you’re opting-in to receive content from a specific person, creator, or company in your email inbox. By voluntarily signing up, you’re showing interest in what this content creator has to offer, in their services or products or maybe a freebie they’ve put up for grabs in exchange for your email address. The people who sign up for your your email list have a specific interest in your offerings.

  2. Not to be dramatic, but the social media apocalypse is coming. Social media won’t always be free. Facebook & Instagram are already proving that by bottle-necking your traffic in the algorithms. When platforms change their policies you’re at risk of all your hard work going to waste. If you aren’t boosting posts, your content isn’t being served to your full list of followers. Your audience not really seeing your content, just who these social platforms decide to cherry-pick. How are you supposed to provide value and make sales if your audience isn’t even seeing your content? You do not own Facebook or Instagram. You DO own your email list. By exporting and backing-up your email list on a regular basis you’re in total control of that data.¬†

  3. Good email marketing MAJORLY builds brand equity! Allow your audience the luxury of reading your content in the personal setting of their inbox. It’s a one-on-one conversation. Rather than sending one email blast saying “click here to buy this thing,” you can create a series of hype emails that provide helpful content to your audience, and demonstrate the value of your offerings. A former boss used to tell me, “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” It’s much less of a stretch to ask for the sale when your audience is already invested in paying attention to what you’ve got cooking.

We’re relying heavily on social media because the mass populous is addicted to it. We think we’re “in our customers’ pockets, right on their phones.” But that’s so not true! Algorithms are slowing down your views, and to be solely dumping all of your marketing energy into social media is doing a huge disservice to your business and your followers alike. How can you help clients and customers that you don’t reach? Even if you don’t have anything planned just yet, it is absolutely time to start collecting names and emails!

Want some help building your email list? Looking for a gorgeous¬† customized MailChimp template? Let’s chat!¬†


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