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Last Updated: January 8, 2023

Studio Policies

Hourly Rates

Services rendered outside of package agreements may incur fees.
Services are billed in 15 minute intervals.
Rates are $100/hr for standard response time.
Rush fees may apply.

Response Time
Please allow for 24 hour response time. Responses can be expected within Secretary Deluxe US business hours. Rush orders & services are available at rush rates. For rush orders, after-hours and emergency support, please call 612-217-1699. Off-hour rates (2x hourly) apply.

Payment Policy
Payment in full is due at beginning of project.
Projects totaling $2,000 or over may be split into two payments (see below).

Split Payments
Projects over $2,000 may be split into two payments – 50% deposit, 50% upon completion. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due before work can commence. The balance of the 50% is to be paid at the end of the project, once project is approved and before the final package is delivered. A deposit invoice is emailed to you at the start of the project.

All prices listed on our website are in United States dollars (USD). If you are not located in the United States and want to know how much it would convert to in your currency, you can check out the conversion with Google’s Currency Converter.

Hourly Design
Payment in full is required before live edit and/or hourly design can commence. Live edits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Live Edits
Live edits are currently not available.

Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge. Refunds are not available. To ensure you receive the full amount of your appointed time, please make sure to be ready when your meeting is scheduled. If you are late, please understand that scheduling allows for only the time remaining in your appointment and not beyond, and unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate credit for the time late

We reserve the right to add completed projects to our portfolio. If there is a privacy issue involved, please inform us.

Copyright for Artwork
Graphic designs created at our studio are custom-created and exclusive to each business, so the designs are yours after final payment has been made. Note that we reserve the right to use stock images where necessary (note: logo designs are 100% custom and do not contain stock images). Any concepts that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of Secretary Deluxe’s rights if they are used elsewhere.

Please submit all revision requests via email.
Additional revisions are subject to hourly rates and billed in 15 minute intervals. You will be notified before additional rates apply.

We are happy to liaison with website, hosting, app and/or plugin support at our hourly rate.  Support outside business hours is billable at emergency rate (2x hourly).

Website projects include 30 minutes of tutorials on how to run your site. Additional support is billable at hourly support rate.

Abandoned Projects
A project will be considered abandoned if we have not heard from you in 30 days. You will not have any rights to use any of the work that was presented to you, unless the project has been paid in full. If we have not heard from you and you contact us after the 30 day abandonment, a start up fee may apply.

Website Changes & Support
All websites come with 3 revisions unless otherwise stated. Secretary Deluxe does not facilitate support unless request is submitted in writing. After transfer of website license, Secretary Deluxe does not assume responsibility for breaks from the the following, but not limited to:

plugin customization, errors or breaks
theme customization, errors or breaks
shopping cart customization, errors or breaks
code customization, errors or breaks
Layout changes, errors or breaks
Content changes, errors or breaks.
Simply put, this means that once we hand you the keys, your site remains untouched by Secretary Deluxe unless you submit a request for changes in writing.

If you are having trouble with your files, or something just doesn’t look right, please get in touch, email hello at secretarydeluxe .com or call 612-217-1699. We offer minor technical support and software advice when it comes to using your files. Website, hosting, social media, graphic design and hourly services are nonrefundable. Support is nonrefundable.

Release of Liability
Errors & Omissions: It is agreed that neither Secretary Deluxe nor Client shall be liable in any event for any special or consequential damages suffered by the client arising out of the services rendered. Special or consequential damages as used herein shall include, but not be limited to, loss of capital, loss of product, loss us use on any system, or other property, or any other indirect, special or consequential damage, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or strict liability.

Contract with Secretary Deluxe Creative Co.
By entering into a project with Secretary Deluxe Creative Co., you are consenting to be bound by the terms of these policies and procedures. Your payment is considered your agreement to the terms.

*Secretary Deluxe Creative Co. policies and procedures can be changed or updated at any time without prior notice to you.